Although cotton and flannel sleepwear products may be significantly cheaper than silk, there are many reasons as to why. Forget about your bog standard pyjamas and look to luxury instead. Silk sleepwear can be very beneficial to your night’s sleep and here’s why. Silk and Your Skin Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics,… Read More

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If your friend is expecting or has just delivered a baby, you may be considering what to give as a present? No doubt, your friend is likely to receive countless sets of pyjamas and clothing for her newborn so why not try and stand out from the crowd and give something more thoughtful? Today, Jasmine… Read More

Jasmine Silk 13 Tog Combination Silk Duvet

Now that summer is over, everyone is counting down the days until winter. When it comes to winter, nothing is better than waking up to being toasty and warm in your bed. But, how can you guarantee this? By getting the perfect duvet of course! Silk duvets are the key to surviving a cold winter,… Read More

grey silk

Are you ready to invest in some new bedding but are weighing up the pros and cons between silk and cotton? There are advantages to both materials. However, their properties couldn’t be any more different. So, Jasmine Silk are here to help you compare both to allow you to choose wisely. After all, you will… Read More

Are you looking for a gift for your 12th wedding anniversary? Over the years you’ve no doubt showered your other half with gifts. You’ll have celebrated romantic getaways and candle-lit dinners. But, if you’re looking to surprise them with a more traditional gift, silk is this year’s answer. The tradition of giving specific gifts on… Read More


There are endless benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, not only does it give the illusion that you’re sleeping on a soft cloud that feels like pure luxury but it has multiple health benefits for your hair and skin. At Jasmine Silk, we love how pure our silk is and we want you to see… Read More