By now, you will be learning the ins and outs of using silk for skincare. Skin can receive wondrous benefits when not only sleeping on silk, but also incorporating silk in beauty routines. Jasmine Silk provides many silk accessories that are perfect for skincare and maintaining that youthful glow. Silk beauty cocoons Silk beauty cocoons… Read More

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It can be quite difficult to get yourself organised into a nightly routine that works for you. Everyone is different, so it will require some trial and error to find the ideal regimen that suits you. Today Jasmine Silk are going to share with you some guidelines to consider following, when devising a routine for… Read More

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If your friend is expecting or has just delivered a baby, you may be considering what to give as a present? No doubt, your friend is likely to receive countless sets of pyjamas and clothing for her newborn so why not try and stand out from the crowd and give something more thoughtful? Today, Jasmine… Read More

Keep warm and comfy with a Jasmine Silk Duvet

Now that summer is over, everyone is counting down the days until winter. When it comes to winter, nothing is better than waking up to being toasty and warm in your bed. But, how can you guarantee this? By getting the perfect duvet of course! Silk duvets are the key to surviving a cold winter,… Read More

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When it comes to exploring new locations, it is essential to know things to avoid doing but also how to have the best experiences possible. At Jasmine Silk we can help you travel in comfort and style. Today we are going to share with you 10 tips on the do’s and don’ts that will help… Read More

Silk Pillowcases at

When settling down for bed, it is ideal to not neglect your skin and perhaps undergo a skincare routine. Look to invest in a toner and a cleanser for that ultra soft baby skin. But, what is the point of spending time in the evening going through your lengthy night routine, when you are not… Read More


At a constant battle against split ends and frizz? You can be told loads of different “secrets” that can contribute to getting the perfect hair but do they really achieve anything in the long run? One major method that could be the key to success may be something you’ve that’s been under your nose the… Read More

When looking to make a luxury purchase, like that of buying a silk duvet for example, it is a good idea to educate yourself on the product first and learn what it is actually made out of. Believe it or not, silk is not always of the premium quality you assume it to be, but… Read More

Ivory Silk Bedding

When laying down to go to sleep after a hard day, you don’t want it to be followed by a hard night. Silk duvets are an essential for the restless insomniacs that just yearn for a well deserved rest night after night. Cotton and flannel covers may be the reason for disturbed sleep as they… Read More