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When settling down for bed, it is ideal to not neglect your skin and perhaps undergo a skincare routine. Look to invest in a toner and a cleanser for that ultra soft baby skin. But, what is the point of spending time in the evening going through your lengthy night routine, when you are not… Read More


At a constant battle against split ends and frizz? You can be told loads of different “secrets” that can contribute to getting the perfect hair but do they really achieve anything in the long run? One major method that could be the key to success may be something you’ve that’s been under your nose the… Read More

When looking to make a luxury purchase, like that of buying a silk duvet for example, it is a good idea to educate yourself on the product first and learn what it is actually made out of. Believe it or not, silk is not always of the premium quality you assume it to be, but… Read More

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When laying down to go to sleep after a hard day, you don’t want it to be followed by a hard night. Silk duvets are an essential for the restless insomniacs that just yearn for a well deserved rest night after night. Cotton and flannel covers may be the reason for disturbed sleep as they… Read More

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When it comes to designing your bedroom, silk can be a beautiful addition to accentuate your home interior. Whether it be silk bedding or just accent satin-silk cushions, your home deserves that touch of luxury. How NOT to use silk Combining fabrics in interior design can be quite the ordeal. Don’t mix these fabrics, don’t… Read More

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When it comes to maintaining a youthful glow, creams, serums and other applicable products sometimes aren’t enough. The benefits of a silk pillowcase are so easily overlooked; one of them being the anti-ageing properties they can have. Below, we have all of the best anti-ageing bonuses that come with sleeping on silk. 1. Wrinkle prevention… Read More

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When settling down to go to sleep, buying a silk pillowcase may be the best investment you ever make. There are many properties of silk, unknown to the masses, that are highly beneficial to health care, cleanliness and hair care. If you’re interested in buying a silk pillowcase and are unaware of what you have… Read More

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Although cotton and flannel sleepwear products may be significantly cheaper than silk, there are many reasons as to why. Forget about your bog standard pyjamas and look to luxury silk sleepwear instead. Silk nightwear can be very beneficial to your night’s sleep and here’s why. The benefits of silk sleepwear Silk is the most hypoallergenic… Read More

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For those of you suffering from sleepless nights and hunger pangs throughout the day, have you ever wondered why? The answer is more simple than you may have first anticipated. Getting the recommended hours of sleep, staying active and eating the right things are well-known behaviours to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – but, how do… Read More

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Unless you are a textile enthusiast, it may be very difficult to detect the differences between satin and silk as you don’t know what to look for. We can assure you that silk and satin are actually vastly dissimilar, thus justifying the significant difference in the price tag. We will put this to the test… Read More