Whether you are prone to bad skin, suffer from skin conditions, or if stress and the change in weather affects you, skin care is something that should be high up on your priority list. 2020 has been one of those years, so we know how important skin care is, especially during the most stressful and… Read More

women's silk pink pajamas with hanger and flowers

Silk pyjamas have become increasingly popular over the years since their creation long ago in the 1890s. Only within the last century has it become more acceptable for women to wear pyjamas, compared to the more “feminine” garments used in the past. Silk pyjamas are non-polluting and green products, boasting environmental benefits as well as… Read More

woman sleeping with silk bedding and a silk pillowcase

Welcome to our product feature series! This week, we’re focusing on a core item in our range, the ever-popular silk pillowcase. As well as a premium look and feel, silk provides other benefits too, especially when it’s used as bedding for a good night’s sleep. This short and sweet article should sum up why silk… Read More

Acne, the common household enemy that we all can’t seem to live without (even though we really, really want to) tend to appear out of nowhere, usually at times when we’re heading out to somewhere important. So, if you’re a long-time member of the acne sufferers club, this blog might just be useful for you,… Read More

white silk bedding

Silk has been coveted by the world since the silk road opened up at some point during the second century AD, but it was heavily desired in and around China before that. In fact, it is said that when roman legions first saw silk on the banners of the Parthian army, they fled at the… Read More

Portrait of beautiful happy woman lying on white silk bed

So you’re thinking about upgrading your regular bedding for something a little more luxurious? Something that will offer the benefit of better sleep whilst still looking fantastic? There are so many options available in modern-day you probably wouldn’t know where to start. Well less of this talk, we have compiled a list of the best… Read More

Pink Charmeuse Silk Fabric

You may have heard the term ‘Charmeuse Silk’, but do you actually know what it means? In this blog we’re going to cover the basics, namely what it is and the advantages and disadvantages of it. What Is Charmeuse Silk?  Unlike Mulberry, Charmeuse silk actually refers to the threads that have been created by the… Read More

Young female in silk lilac sleep mask and pajama looking at camera and embracing comfortable pillow during bedtime against pink background. Taken just before going to sleep on silk.

Everyone needs their beauty sleep, we all know that, but sometimes we just can’t seem to fall asleep or wake up suddenly during the night. Hands up if you’ve just laid in bed tossing and turning and the next thing you know, it’s three in the morning. Us too. The latest research though, suggests that… Read More

Abstract background of white wavy silk or satin. 3d rendering image. Image isolated on white background.

Are you wondering how to tell the difference between artificial and real silk? Or are you just wondering what it is? Make sure you stick around and keep reading below for more details. Artificial silk refers to materials such as rayon, that have both natural and man-made fibers within them. Copying real and much pricier… Read More

Man handing over a women a gift.

Deciding on what to get your friend, girlfriend, wife, grandma – whatever relation they are to you – can be difficult at times. Especially in times like this when everyone has been stuck inside and you may not have seen them for a while. You’re in a gift rut and you want to get them… Read More