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Are you struggling to properly keep your silk clean? Keeping your silk fresh and clean can be a massive pain sometimes, but it doesn’t always have to be. One of the best ways to check how to wash your silk wear would be to check the manufacturer’s care label. This will tell you exactly what… Read More

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Silk might not be the first fabric that comes to mind when thinking about preparing your home for winter. However, besides giving you that little bit of luxury, the temperature regulating properties of silk actually make it a perfect material to have around your house in the colder months. Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered some… Read More

When it comes to a beauty regime that actually works, sleep is one of the most important parts. Getting the right beauty sleep can help you to look and feel great, from waking up with glowing skin to going about your day with a spring in your step. But, if you struggle to get that… Read More

Although silk fibres are extremely strong, silk fabric can deteriorate over time when it’s exposed to chemicals and bright light, because of its delicate nature. That means that sometimes, tears can happen when the fibres become weak and thin, eventually pulling away from each other.   If you find one of your silk garments does… Read More

Silk fabric has so many outstanding qualities not found naturally in other fabrics and has a wide range of uses as a result. Silk is used to make bedding, beauty products and of course, clothing. This luxurious fabric is a popular choice for clothing for many different reasons. Whether you like night’s in or night’s… Read More

Delicate, luxurious and surprisingly easy to care for, since it’s discovery thousands of years ago, silk has become a coveted fabric for clothing, accessories and bedding. Although at first caring for such an elegant material might appear daunting, it can actually be really easy. Read on to find out more about how to make your… Read More

Short, long, straight, curly, blonde, brunette, it doesn’t matter. Whatever hair you have, if you want to keep it looking healthy, those luscious locks of yours must be treated with care. And remember, you don’t have to fork out for salon prices to achieve a professional shine. All you need to know is how to… Read More

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If you have discovered the wonders of a silk pillowcase, the next most important thing is to learn how to take care of them. The delicate fabric needs to be looked after to keep it feeling soft and fresh. Firstly, you must always read the garment’s care labels. The way you wash silk garments may… Read More

Silk clothing is so beautifully soft and sumptuous there’s no wonder it’s a popular choice among both men and women. By taking proper care of your silk clothing and storing it properly, the pieces you own are sure to last for years to come while also keeping their stunning looks and lovely feel. By reading… Read More

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A big dilemma for a lot of silk lovers is maintaining products and keeping them looking new. Can you spot treat silk? Should you use heat on silk? These are the questions you need to know the answer to in order to keep your silk looking sleek and fresh. The Washing Process First and foremost,… Read More