Someone washing silk in a bowl of water

A big dilemma for a lot of silk lovers is maintaining products and keeping them looking new. Can you spot treat silk? Should you use heat on silk? These are the questions you need to know the answer to in order to keep your silk looking sleek and fresh. The Washing Process First and foremost,… Read More

silk blanket

When it comes to designing your bedroom, silk can be a beautiful addition to accentuate your home interior. Whether it be silk bedding or just accent satin-silk cushions, your home deserves that touch of luxury. What Silk Items to Use Pieces like that of cushions and pillows especially are almost guaranteed to be the perfect… Read More

Silk cocoon

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Silk is one of the world’s most natural fibres, meaning that it’s essential to research its best care methods to expand its lifespan. You are probably wondering whether you are supposed to iron silk. The answer is yes, however you need to make sure that it’s done with extra care as the delicate, natural material… Read More

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Since it’s discovery, silk has been one of the most sought-after and luxury fabrics you can get your hands on. Its popularity comes as no surprise given its many natural properties and benefits. But, as its people’s desire for silk has grown, so has the amount of fake silk on the market. Made from the… Read More

Pure Silk Bedding from Jasmin Silk

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