Silk might not be the first fabric that comes to mind when thinking about preparing your home for winter. However, besides giving you that little bit of luxury, the temperature regulating properties of silk actually make it a perfect material to have around your house in the colder months.

Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered some of our favourite Jasmine Silk products to place around your home this winter to make sure you have the perfect abode to return to after a long day.


When the temperature drops at night, you want to keep warm in bed. The temperature regulating properties of silk bedding help to keep you toasty, but also prevents you from overheating, so you can always stay at a comfortable temperature.

If you want that little extra bit of luxury, a silk pillowcase can provide just that. With several benefits for hair and skin, you can really make sure to get your best beauty sleep.


Don’t let the silk luxury end at your sleep. Your skin can suffer from the cold weather, so why not give yourself a treat by stocking up on some skincare essentials. Silk beauty cocoons are perfect to pamper yourself whether you’re having a bad skin day or just want to give your face a treat.

 If you’re really feeling like rewarding yourself, indulge your hands with silk moisturising gloves to achieve ultimate smoothness and a barrier against the winter elements.

Living Room

Make the heart of your home a cosy winter wonderland by draping blankets over your seating. Silk blankets are the ideal way of adding elegance to your home, while giving you something to snuggle into on a cold night. If slippery silk isn’t quite what you fancy draped over your sofa, a silk throw, providing unmatched comfort and style could be perfect for you. 

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