Are you struggling to properly keep your silk clean? Keeping your silk fresh and clean can be a massive pain sometimes, but it doesn’t always have to be. One of the best ways to check how to wash your silk wear would be to check the manufacturer’s care label. This will tell you exactly what wash and temperature suits that piece of silk best. 

Hand Washing Silk

When deciding if hand washing silk is the best option for you, always make sure that it is being washed in either cool or lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent, non-alkaline soap or specialist cleaning product for silk. Do not use bleach or other pre-wash soaking products, as these can really damage the silk. Also, try not to soak for longer than a couple of minutes.

Once soaked, rinse in cool water and try not to wring the silk out. Silk fibres are weaker when they are wet and you could, therefore, do a lot of damage to it, so try not to wring it out. It will take a couple of rinses to ensure that you have removed all of the detergents and to initially dry the silk. Lay the silk flat on top of a towel and roll up the towel while gently pressing to remove any excess water. The silk should then be hung over a padded hanger. Try to avoid untreated wooden or metal hangers, as these can actually stain the silk. Also, try to avoid direct heat or sunlight, as this can give the silk an awful yellow colour!

Machine Washing Silk

When opting for the washing machine, it is advised to use a ‘delicates’ programme on there and a mild detergent to go with it. Avoid washing your silk with mixed fibre garments or highly detailed/trimmed clothing and always avoid using any detergents that describe themselves as biological or contain brightening agents. 

One of the best things you can do to keep your silk safe would be to invest in a mesh bag. These will help to avoid any ‘snagging’ that may occur in a normal wash. Turn your temperature to a 30-degree wash and keep the spin cycle slow and short in duration. To dry your silk, follow the same steps as you would with hand washing. NEVER put your silk in a tumble dryer. 

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Stain Removal from Silk

Stain removal from silk is always best left to the experts. They know how to properly remove stains or marks without damaging the silk item. However, if you are attempting this at home, rinsing in a weak ammonia or white vinegar solution can be effective. Always avoid using water on the stain, as this can leave a permanent mark on the silk and make it worse! The best thing you can do when taking your stained silk to the dry cleaners is to take it there as quickly as possible and explain how the stain was caused. This increases your chances of the dry cleaner being able to effectively remove the stain.

There you have it, these are our top tips for keeping your silk fresh and clean. Hopefully, these will go a long way in maintaining all of your silk items. In the meantime, stay safe, stay at home, slip into our silk nightwear and keep well. If you enjoyed this guide, you can check out all of our other silk tips on our official blog page