Silk fabric has so many outstanding qualities not found naturally in other fabrics and has a wide range of uses as a result. Silk is used to make bedding, beauty products and of course, clothing. This luxurious fabric is a popular choice for clothing for many different reasons.

Whether you like night’s in or night’s out or whether you’re heading to work or to bed, silk clothing can be the perfect partner in keeping you warm, comfortable and stylish. If wearing silk is new to you, or you’re looking for some ideas for how you can wear the silk clothing you already own, Jasmine Silk has the advice you need.


One of the most common ways that silk is worn is as underwear. The super soft and breathable fabric is incredibly comfortable to wear as briefs or boxer shorts because the fabric is so gentle on the skin. Adding a few pairs of silk underwear to your wardrobe will help you to feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day.

Silk is also commonly used as thermal clothing, and you can find a variety of undergarments designed to sit under your clothes to keep you warm. A common misconception about silk is that it is cold and should only be worn in the summer. However, silk has natural temperature regulating properties, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. This makes them the perfect thermal layer to wear underneath your clothes.

Whether you prefer a vest, t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt or long johns, silk is made into a variety of different garments so that you can stay warm when you need to. Here at Jasmine Silk, you can find a range of choices for both men and women.


Not only is silk excellent at keeping your body at the perfect temperature, but it can also look super stylish. Quality silk is elegant and graceful, making it perfect for use in shirts and other outerwear.

At Jasmine Silk, you can find clean-cut silk shirts for a professional look, or ribbed turtle neck tops for a warmer, casual look. Pair these tops easily with smart trousers, jeans or tucked into a skirt. A touch of silk to any outfit adds a chic, classic style that’ll never go out of fashion.


If you’re looking to incorporate silk into your wardrobe more subtly, you can find a range of silk accessories that help to give you all the benefits of silk, but not for show.

During the winter, it is often likely that your hands and feet will feel coldest. Because of the thermal quality silk provides, you can get your hands on pure silk socks and glove liners, to warm you up. Glove liners are designed to be worn alone for minimal warmth and underneath your usual gloves as an extra, insulating layer. Silk socks can also be worn as an extra layer, or alone to keep your toes cosy and warm. Silk also helps to gently wick away moisture, keeping your hands and feet feeling refreshed.

As well as wicking away excess moisture, silk is also renowned for its moisturising qualities. Silk is used often for pillowcases, because it helps to keep hair moisturised, reducing frizz and keeping hair looking healthy. But, you can take this on the go with a silk hairband. Keeping tangles and knots to a minimum, our silk hairbands can be worn around the house, when you’re heading to the gym or whenever you’re on the go.

You can also find silk balaclavas, silk snoods and silk beanie hats that will perfectly accessorise your outfits for the purpose of keeping you warm. Additionally, you can find stylish silk bandanas and sleep caps which are suitable for hair loss.


Nightwear is a huge part of the silk clothing industry. The fabric is popular for wearing at night because of its range of unique qualities. As we’ve covered previously, silk is breathable, temperature regulating, moisturising and luxurious, making it perfect for nightwear and pyjamas to help people drift off into a restful sleep.

Silk pyjamas make a popular gift because there is something about lounging and sleeping in this luxury fabric that appeals to people. Whether you like to wear full pyjamas, nightshirts, nighties or just boxer shorts or knicker boxers with a cami or t-shirt, silk comes in a variety of different nightwear available at Jasmine Silk.

For lounging in, you can also get silk dressing gowns which will keep you comfortable while you’re relaxing. Perfect for throwing on over your pyjamas, silk dressing gowns are popular for men and women, and that’s not to mention how nice they’ll look in your bedroom.

To explore the range of silk clothing at Jasmine Silk, visit our product ranges or to find out more about how to take care of silk, see the rest of our blog.