If you’ve never thought about trying silk bedding, or it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, this is the perfect guide for you. 

As experts in all things silk, Jasmine Silk has outlined all the fundamental aspects of buying silk bedding that you should take into consideration when selecting yours. From choosing the type of silk, to finding the right colours for you, find out everything you need to know in our definitive guide. 

Why Silk?

First thing’s first, why should you choose silk bedding over other fabrics? Well, there are so many reasons why silk bedding is superior, and why it can do wonders for not only your sleep but also the condition of your skin and hair. Here are a few of the benefits:

It’s Temperature Regulating

A common misconception is that silk is a cold material, making it suitable for summer months only. However, silk is actually a great material all-year-round because it is temperature regulating. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

It’s Super Soft

One of the most attractive qualities of silk is that it is super soft and luxurious. The gentle fabric glides smoothly across the skin, making it unbelievably comfortable to jump into bed. 

It’s Hypoallergenic

Silk bedding is also suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin because it is extremely gentle and naturally hypoallergenic. It is even suitable for use by those with more serious skin conditions such as eczema.

It’s Long-Lasting

Silk fibres are incredibly strong, which makes the fabric pretty robust. It is a long-lasting fabric, in comparison to synthetic materials commonly used for bedding, which means that although silk may be more expensive up front, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Plus, you’re getting to enjoy all the benefits silk has to offer in the meantime. 

Skin & Hair

Silk will not pull or tug at your skin throughout the night, helping to reduce irritations or lines. It also has a gentle effect, so that you wake up with glowing skin. These factors are also beneficial for your hair, helping to reduce breakage and frizz. 

pale cream silk

Type of Silk

While you’re shopping around for your silk bedding, you will likely come across different variations of silk. Here are some of the common types:

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is very high-quality silk where the silkworms that create the silk are fed a diet of mulberry leaves only. This strict diet leads to light, uniform and strong silk fibres, making for a luxurious finished product. 

Charmeuse Silk

Unlike mulberry silk, charmeuse refers to the way in which the fibres are woven together. It is commonly used for bedding because it produces a beautiful satin top, with a dull underside. This is perfect since the smooth surface will face outwards, while the duller side is hidden. 


There are many other types of silk available, but none are as luxurious and smooth as mulberry silk. Other types are sometimes made from silkworms not on a strict diet, or the manufacturing process means the fibres won’t last as long. So, remember when you are buying silk bedding, to check that the silk you are purchasing is high-quality. 

Quality Silk

Luckily, at Jasmine Silk, our silk bedding is made from the finest charmeuse mulberry silk, so you can expect amazing quality. In addition to the type of silk, you can also pay attention to the momme and thread count to determine quality. 

What is Momme?

Momme (mm) is a unit used to measure the quality of silk. One momme is equal to 4.340 grams per square metre. For bedding, a momme of 19 is considered high quality. 

What is Thread Count?

Thread count can also help you ascertain the quality of silk. It basically counts how many threads there are in one square inch or centimetre of the fabric and adds together the number of threads across the length and width of the fabric. 400 is considered a good thread count. 

How to Choose a Silk Duvet

When you’re selecting a silk duvet, you will need to think about the season. It is recommended that you have a different duvet with different togs for the summer and the winter. Usually, a tog of 2-4 is recommended for the summer, while a tog of 12 or higher is recommended for the winter. Somewhere in between is commonly used for all seasons, or for the spring and autumn months. 

This is necessary because the higher the tog, the thicker the material. Thicker duvets will help trap more of your body heat when you need it, while thinner duvets allow more air in to keep your body cool.

Silk duvets are the basis for luxurious silk bedding, and you might not believe how comfortable they can be until you try one for yourself. This goes for silk-filled pillows and silk mattress toppers too. They all contribute to a comfortable bed so that you can get a great night’s sleep night after night. 

How to Choose Silk Bed Linen

Whether you need silk bed linen for your silk duvet and pillows, or you want to start with silk sheets over your usual bedding, there are a few things you should know. 

After you’ve got the right duvet tog for the season, you may be delighted to learn that silk bed linen is suitable for all seasons, which we mentioned earlier. Silk allows your body to warm up evenly, and when your feet are getting the same amount of heat as your upper body, you will be able to better regulate your temperature.

The beauty of silk is the way that it allows a small amount of air to escape, unlike other fabrics, which stops you from overheating. It also lets moisture to escape, so that you don’t end up with sweaty sheets. This is particularly useful for women who experience sudden changes in temperature during menopause. 

So, choosing bed linen is pretty simple, with most silk bedding sets being suitable all-year-round. 

Silk Bedding Style

At Jasmine Silk, there are a variety of silk bedding styles to choose from. With a choice of plain or patterned bedding, you are sure to find something to suit your taste. 

When it comes to the style of bedding, most of them are fairly similar and the choice will come down to whether you prefer on Oxford or Housewife silk pillowcase. The Housewife style is simple and elegant, a classic style you’re sure to recognise. Oxford pillowcases are also an elegant style that has a sewn edge close to the pillow, with a fabric border, adding a little something extra.

Silk Bedding Colour

It is widely known that colour can have a psychological or emotional impact on people. That’s why when choosing a colour for your silk bedding, it is useful to take this into account. You should opt for a colour that matches your bedroom decor but will also help you sleep.


White gives the impression of cleanliness, making it a popular choice for bedding in hotels where showcasing cleanliness is a priority. But, for your own home, you may want to opt for something less stark. You can get silk bedding in ivory, taupe and even a gentle pink, making more cosy alternatives to stark white. 


Grey bedding is a popular choice for both men and women and is a subtle and gentle colour that is helpful for bedtime because it is associated with calmness and moonlight. It is easy on the eye and on the mind. 


Blue is also associated with peace and calmness, making it a great choice for bedding. The calming effect should help you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Warm Colours

Warm colours such as brown can also feel extremely cosy in the bedroom, making them another great option. Not only are warm colours cosy, but they’re also super stylish too. If you’re more adventurous and want to go for a warm gold or beige colour, some suggest that this colour can increase your libido. 


Black bed sheets aren’t for everyone, but they can be an incredibly stylish choice. Bold, but stylish. Quite obviously, black is also the colour of a very dark night, which may also help to lull you to sleep. 

Care Instructions

If you’ve chosen your new silk bedding, learning how to care for it properly is the next step. Different types of silk will require different levels of care, so be sure to read the care instructions label before you do anything else. 

Generally, you should never use bleach or any harsh chemicals on your silk. At Jasmine Silk, most of our silk is machine washable at 30 degrees, using a gentle detergent. You can buy special detergent for silk such as Tenestar so that you can be sure you’re giving your silk the right care.

You will be able to tumble dry some silks on low heat, and cool iron them on the inside. However, some might be dry-clean only. Read our full silk care guide for more information. 


If you’d like to create the ultimate luxury with silk bedding, there are a variety of silk extras you can use to spruce up your bed even further. 

Silk blankets and silk bedspreads provide extra warmth, while also adding to the decor of a bedroom. They look elegant draped over your bed while providing that extra cosiness when you need it. 

Also, if you need to pick up silk sheets to complete your bedding, there is a choice of fitted or flat sheets, so that you have everything you need. 

Find more silk information and lifestyle advice in the rest of our blog.