The spring and summer months not only bring longer days and warmer temperatures, but they also bring wedding season. With more people choosing to tie the knot in the coming months, your to-do list might be growing.


If you’ve had wedding invitations piling up on your doormat, getting yourself prepared is an important step to making sure your wedding season (whatever that entails) is as stress-free for you as possible. One of the biggest things you will have to think about is getting your gifting sorted.


If you’re close to a bride, one of the gifts you may have to think about is your gift to her. Whether she’s your bride, your friend or a family member, there are plenty of unique gift ideas for that bride-to-be in your life. As experts in all thing silk, Jasmine Silk is here to help with some unique bride-to-be gifts that’ll get her ready for her big day.


Silk Eye Mask


A silk eye mask is a great gift for a bride-to-be because she can use it not only to help her sleep with those pre-wedding nerves the night before but also on the run-up to the wedding.


Silk eye masks are beneficial for your skin and for sleeping. Blocking out the light, a silk eye mask allows your bride to drift off into a restful night’s sleep and get plenty of early night’s in while the sun sets later. The silk is also incredibly gentle on the skin and has natural moisturising properties. This is particularly helpful for use on the eyes because it can help reduce dark circles and fine lines.


For something a little extra, you can also get aromatherapy silk eye pillows which not only moisturise the skin around the eyes but also help to calm the mind. Relaxing organic flaxseed and gentle lavender in our silk eye pillows will help her relax, vanquishing those pre-wedding stresses.



pink silk eye mask

Gelato Colour Silk Sleep Eye Mask


Silk Beauty Cocoons


In the run up to her big day, your bride is likely thinking about her beauty routine. Trying to avoid breakouts, blemishes or dry skin, your bride might be focusing on having glowing skin in time for the wedding. You can help her with this by giving her the gift of silk beauty cocoons.


Silk beauty cocoons were used in ancient times by Chinese princesses who were renowned for their beautiful and youthful appearance. They used silk cocoons to cleanse and gently exfoliate their skin. Our silk cocoons contain the protein sericin, which is extremely moisturising. The silk is also gentle and hypoallergenic, meaning it is unlikely to irritate the skin. It’ll help her achieve smooth and radiant skin for her wedding day.


silk beauty cocoons

Silk Beauty Cocoons


Silk Gloves and Socks


Not only will your bride-to-be want to have moisturised and glowing skin, but you can also help her get beautiful skin on her hands and feet by pampering them with silk moisturising socks or silk moisturising gloves, part of our silk beauty products range.


You use them by applying hand cream or foot cream, then slipping them over your hands or feet to go to bed. When you wake up, the silk will have helped penetrate moisture deep into the skin, leaving it unbelievably smooth. They are particularly useful for those who suffer from dry skin conditions or have cracked skin.


white silk socks

Ultimate Silk Moisturising Socks


Silk Sleep Cap


Brides want to look their most beautiful on their wedding day, so they will not only want glowing skin, but they will also want their hair to look healthy and nourished. Make sure your bride doesn’t wake up the day of her wedding with a bedhead and give her the gift of a silk sleep cap.


Our silk sleep caps are made using 100% silk, and the moisturising properties do the same to your hair as they do to your skin. Locking in moisture throughout the night, silk sleep caps keep hair neat and tidy, preventing tangles and frizz.



pink silk sleep cap

Pure Silk Sleep Cap


Silk Underwear


Whether or not you choose silk underwear for the bride you know will probably depend on how close you are. But, silk underwear makes a great gift for a bride because not only are they extremely comfortable, but they will surround her in luxury, helping her to feel relaxed and sensual for her wedding night and for her honeymoon.


Choose from the range of silk underwear for her available at Jasmine Silk, including silk briefs, silk knicker boxers and silk camisoles.



nude french knicker boxers on hanger

Nude Silk French Knicker Boxers


Silk Nightwear


Nothing says a luxury night’s sleep like a set of silk pyjamas. Surround your bride in the ultimate luxury and gift her silk nightwear. Whether she likes full-length pyjamas, nighties or nightshirts, giving her nightwear in silk will make her feel elegant and relaxed in the run-up to the wedding.


Also, to help soothe the stress of getting ready on her big day, why not give her the gift of a silk dressing gown so that she can feel taken care of around her wedding? Not only is this practical, but with all the moisturising and gentle properties of silk, it will also take care of the bride’s skin.



pink silk dressing gown

Silk Kimono Dressing Gown – Pink


Silk Pillowcase


A unique, practical and elegant gift for your bride-to-be is a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases do the job of taking care of your skin and your hair as your sleep because the delicate fabric is gentle and helps lock in moisture.


Your pillowcase has a lot to do with the condition of your skin and hair as it can tug and pull at it throughout the night. So, switching to a silk pillowcase before the wedding will help your bride achieve glowing skin and hair, as well as helping her get the beauty sleep she needs.



ivory silk pillowcase

Ivory Housewife Silk Pillowcase


Silk really is a gift that keeps on giving, because of the many natural properties it possesses. Read more about our silk in the rest of our blog.