So you’re thinking about upgrading your regular bedding for something a little more luxurious? Something that will offer the benefit of better sleep whilst still looking fantastic? There are so many options available in modern-day you probably wouldn’t know where to start. Well less of this talk, we have compiled a list of the best silk sheets available to you. Grab yourself a brew, sit back and keep scrolling.

Ivory Silk Fitted Sheet

Ivory silk fitted sheet.

This ivory silk fitted sheet will work wonders for your sleep. Not only this but sleeping on silk helps your hair retain its moisture, keeping it looking fabulous and shiny. Who doesn’t want amazing hair? you can simply attain this just by sleeping!

To begin, silk is a brilliant material for keeping your body temperature regulated throughout the night. It keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. This ivory silk fitted sheet does the same, allowing for a comfortable sleep all-year-round. 

This sheet also comes in a range of different colours and sizes, ensuring it suits any style of bedroom and fits any size bed.

Ivory Silk Flat Sheet

ivory silk flat sheet.

Flat sheets don’t only look amazing on your bed, they are also super comfortable to lay in. This flat sheet is produced and sewn with the softest of silks, which is the Mulberry silk, making it a great addition to any bed. Additionally, the sheet has a 400 thread count and only weighs a momme of 19, proving the care taken to create it and ensuring quality and satisfaction at the highest level. 

To make sure this sheet fits any of your bedroom styles, it comes in a range of colours. For example; ivory, taupe, grey, black, duck egg, pink and mocha. It also comes in a range of sizes from single, all the way to super king. 

Ivory 4PC’s Silk Duvet Cover Set 

Ivory 4PC's silk duvet cover set.

This 4 piece set includes two Oxford-style silk pillowcases, a duvet cover, and a fitted sheet, making it an amazing value for money. Each piece is made with a 400 thread count and has a momme weight of 19, being perfect for those people that struggle to sleep. 

Made from charmeuse Mulberry Silk, you can be ensured a great and breathable sleep. Say goodbye to restless nights being too warm or too cold, the breathable material regulates your body temperature all night long, helping you wake up fresh and ready to start the day. 

The sheet is available in a range of different sizes and Jasmine Silk’s signature shades.


Hopefully, the endless searching has come to a halt and you’ve found the perfect sheet for you in this blog. Your sleep will thank you for it! For any of our products, you can check our website out here. If you need any other tips or guidance on silk and how to look after it, be sure to read our other blogs on our official blog page.