If you’ve got wanderlust, long-haul flights are simply necessary. But whether you enjoy flying, or it fills you with dread, long-haul flights can be uncomfortable for everyone.

Trouble sleeping, keeping yourself entertained or staying fresh while on a flight that lasts longer than a few hours is difficult, but there are ways you can equip yourself for a long-haul flight that will make your journey more comfortable so you can relax. Here are our essential accessories for a long-haul flight to help the globe trotters and world wanderers.

Silk Eye Mask

If you plan on sleeping during your long-haul flight but you have trouble, we suggest using silk to help you. Silk is a luxurious fabric with a range of benefits. This includes that fact that silk is a natural fabric with proteins and amino acids that won’t irritate your skin. Silk will reduce friction and moisturise your skin, so using a silk eye mask can wake up your skin on a flight.

It is widely known that the hormone melatonin is essential for sleeping. To produce this hormone, the body requires sufficient darkness, which can be difficult to achieve on a flight. That’s why a silk eye mask is a vital travel accessory in order to obtain the perfect conditions for sleeping.


Whether you can’t survive without your music, or you’ve downloaded your favourite podcast to listen to, you’re going to need your headphones. An essential accessory to keep you entertained on a long flight, headphones should be an important part of your flight-essential kit.

If you fly frequently, you may want to consider headphones to make your journey more comfortable. Blocking out some of the aeroplane noise so that you can relax is something you will be grateful for if you’re flying for more than a few hours. Similarly, if you simply want to cancel out noise, you may want to get yourself some flight earplugs to give those ears a rest.

Silk Beauty Cocoons

During a long-haul flight, you should be taking care of your body the same you would at home. That may mean maintaining some form of skin routine and if you’re the kind of person to prioritise something like your skin routine while you’re on a flight, you may want to try silk beauty cocoons.

Silk beauty cocoons carry all the natural properties of silk such as it being hypoallergenic, gentle and moisturising. They also gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells, leaving you with glowing skin.  They are small and convenient to carry around and to use. Simply dampen them with warm water and gently massage your face in circular motions. Perfect for a mid-flight freshen up.

A Good Book

Reading is a great way to stay entertained and to relax while on a long-haul flight. Books are also a useful distraction if flying makes you nervous. Getting your teeth into a good story will stop you from thinking about what’s causing that turbulence or how many hours you’ve got to go. Find something you’ve always wanted to read and slip it into your carry-on, it can do wonders for passing time.

Cosy Socks

Most people choose to dress comfortably for a long-haul flight and remember, you will be sitting in the same seat for hours. Give yourself that extra bit of comfort and pack a pair of cosy socks. These will not only keep you feeling cosy and comfortable but will also help you keep warm, should you get cold during the flight.

If you’d like to surround your feet in luxury for the ultimate comfort, you may want to grab a pair of cashmere socks. Cashmere is renowned for being unbelievably soft. Alternatively, bamboo socks are extremely comfortable and also have moisture wicking qualities, which help keep your feet fresh. Perfect for a long-haul flight!

Portable Charger

Whether you plan on using your phone, tablet or e-reader while on your long-haul flight, make sure you won’t be left without power and pack a portable charger. Portable chargers are usually neat and compact enough to slip into your carry on and should be on your travel accessory list if you plan on using your devices during the flight.


If you tend to get a little chilly on flights, you may want to add some kind of scarf to your travel packing list. Scarves are the perfect accessory to pack because they can be paired with anything and still look chic, but are also there to keep you warm should the temperature be too cold. Scarves can also be used for resting your head or you back on and can be used multiple ways during a long-haul flight.

For elegance and comfort, why not try a pure cashmere scarf from Jasmine Silk? The soft material feels amazing on your skin and will be the perfect travel partner on your next flight.

Hand Sanitiser

Aeroplanes contain a lot of germs, so you can make sure you protect yourself as best you can by packing a small bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag. Using it before you touch anything that will go in your mouth is a good way to go about staying germ-free during a long flight.

Make sure your next long-haul flight is as comfortable as possible with some of these travel accessories. Take a look at the rest of our blog for more information about our products.