If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day, Jasmine Silk has put together a smart Mother’s Day gift guide so that you can select a gift that your mum will love, whether you’re looking for a gift for your own mum or the other mums in your life.


As experts in all things silk, we’re a little bias and plenty of our unique Mother’s Day gift ideas include our silk products, which really are the gift that keeps on giving. Our gift guide offers suggestions for gifts based on what your mum is like, but even if your mum encompasses one or all of these things you’re sure to find the perfect gift in our guide.


For the Beauty Queen Mum

If your mum is obsessed with all things beauty, why not get her something a little out of the ordinary? Instead of the skincare or make-up you usually buy her, opt for something you don’t see every day.


Silk beauty cocoons have quite a history for helping to create beautifully smooth skin. Legend has it that in ancient times, Chinese princesses were renowned for their beautiful and youthful appearances which they achieved through the use of silk beauty cocoons. They contain the protein sericin, which is a moisturising element found in ageing creams and serums. This ingredient is released while using the cocoons to cleanse the face, while the texture gently exfoliates the skin. It’s the perfect unusual gift for the mum who loves all things beauty.


If you want to get something a little more special, silk pillowcases are also incredibly good for the skin. Silk’s natural moisturising properties revive the skin overnight, which is why they make amazing pillowcases. They can also help to reduce fine lines and dark circles.


Silk beauty cocoons from Jasmine Silk

Silk Beauty Cocoons


For the House-Proud Mum

Do you have a stylish mum who loves pretty home decor and showing off her decorating skills to guests? Well, why not treat her to something for the house, that’ll really show her you know her. Whether you’re thinking of a new ornament for the mantel or a piece of art for the wall, giving your mum something which she can display in her home shows her you have put some thought into your Mother’s Day gift.


If you’re thinking of getting something a little safer, why not take a look at the silk blankets available at Jasmine Silk? Not only do they feel super soft and luxurious, but they also look incredibly elegant draped over furniture and will add a touch of style and class to any room.


cream silk blanket

Ivory Silk Blanket


For the World Traveller Mum

There are so many gifts you can get for the mum who loves travelling. So, if your mum is the explorer type there is plenty to chose from. From luggage to travel accessories, to scratch maps, give her something that shows her you appreciate her love for travelling.


One thing people who frequently travel by aeroplane shouldn’t be without is an eye mask. Eye masks are great for getting that much-needed shut-eye on a flight, blocking out the light and sending you to sleep. But doesn’t your mum deserve the best? Our silk eye mask adds that extra touch of luxury, thanks to the super soft material. Just like silk pillowcases, silk eye masks are also great for moisturising the skin.


Silk Sleep Eye Mask


For the Creative Cook Mum

Culinary gifts are great for the mum who loves to cook. Giving her something cooking-related will not only help her out in the kitchen but will also be something she’ll really appreciate and enjoy.


If you need inspiration, new cookbooks are always a safe bet. Alternatively, kitchenware such as pots and pans or electronic appliances can be the perfect gift. Sometimes it is a great idea to combine the two. So, if you’re splashing out on a new piece of electronic kitchenware, why not get a cookbook to go along with it to help her make delicious delights with her new piece of equipment.


For the Career Driven Mum

All mums are hard workers, but if your mum is very career driven you can tailor your gift to suit this, and give her something that’ll help her day-to-day work life. For example, every working mum needs a good set of stationary or a good handbag/case to take to work. Something nice and special, so she doesn’t have to use an old shabby bag or the office stationery, she may never think to ever buy for herself. So that she looks the part, you could also give her some luxury silk clothing to wear for work.


Alternatively, to make sure your working mum gets enough sleep and wakes up for work feeling refreshed, silk mattress toppers can add luxury and comfort to her bed. Offering the kind of comfort you would expect from a luxury hotel, a silk mattress topper will help send her off to a restful night’s sleep.



Silk Mattress Topper                                                         Ladies’ Silk Blouse Shirt



For the Sports Obsessed Mum

If your mum is always heading out for a run, hitting the gym or playing her favourite sport, why not opt for something fitness-related this Mother’s Day? There is an abundance of gifts for those active mums including new gym gear or workout equipment.


If you’re running a little low on cash, something inexpensive you can do for your mum is to make her a playlist for her run or workouts. Put together a playlist with all her favourite workout songs to get her pumped. It makes for an inexpensive but thoughtful gift.


For Every Mum

Every mum deserves to be treated this Mother’s Day and there are plenty of gifts that every mum is sure to love. You can’t really go wrong with pyjamas, so why not treat your mum to a set of luxury silk pyjamas? Whether she’s a nightie, nightshirt or full set kinda women, there is a pair to suit every mum. You could also go all out and opt for a silk dressing gown, to make her feel like a queen whilst lounging at home.


Another gift that every mum is bound to love is an indulgent set of silk bedding. This will help your mum enjoy a restful sleep night after night. Just read the rest of our blog to find out more about all the benefits of sleeping on silk.


women's navy silk pyjamas     

Ladies’ Pure Silk Navy Pyjamas                                Taupe 3PCs Silk Duvet Cover Set


So, whether your mum is the sporty type, the beauty-lover or all of the above, there is a gift that suits her personality to a T in our gift guide.