With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, romantics everywhere look at one another and all ask the same question. How can I make Valentine’s Day that extra special this year? There’s the traditional candlelit dinner, fancy chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, but sometimes you want to go that extra mile and mix things up a little. Thankfully we have rounded up some of the best ideas so that you and your loved one will have a Valentine’s Day that you can’t forget. If you’re worried about gifts, we also have you covered here.

Instead of stressing over your romantic plans this year, pick a couple of things from our handy little list, and you and your loved one will be feeling all lovey-dovey in no time! Whether you decide to stay in and have a movie marathon or go out hiking, just remember that you’re guaranteed to have a good time, because you are doing it together.

Luxury bed in a luxury hotel

Night in a Fancy Hotel

Make your Valentine’s Day that extra special by checking into a local hotel, changing into a plush bathrobe and calling up some room service. Enjoy the night all to yourselves, tuck yourself into some silk bedding and order breakfast in bed the next morning. What’s not to love? 

A couple dancing in a dance class.

Take a Dance Lesson Together

Get on your feet and get the day going with some dance lessons with your partner. It’s a great way to create that closeness while making an all-singing, all-dancing memory.

Bath filled with soapy water and rose petals. Candles lit next to the bath with 2 glasses of bubbly.

Take a Relaxing Bath

Get the warm water on, add your favourite oils, or bath bomb and rinse your worries away. Make sure you light the candles and turn up the romantic music. Atmosphere is everything. Then slip into some silk nightwear and enjoy the rest of your evening.

A couple sat on chairs next to their tent, gazing at the stars.

Share a Night Under the Stars

Go camping or set up a couple of chairs for a night of gazing at the night sky. You could also head to a planetarium for the same effect if you don’t want to brave the end of the winter cold.

A man lying down receiving a massage from a masseuse.

Book an At-Home Massage

If you don’t fancy going to a spa, bring the spa to you. Turn your home into a massage parlour with apps such as Soothe and Zeel. Falling asleep right after wouldn’t be an issue, as you don’t have a long drive home afterwards. You will feel ultimately centred and relaxed.

A man and woman in their pyjamas sat in front of the fire with a hot drink.

Reserve a Cosy Cabin

Cosy pyjamas, a warm fire and a hot chocolate. Sounds like heaven to me. Make the most of the winter weather and escape into the wilderness whilst you’re tucked up and warm with your loved one. 

A woman singing into a microphone and a man behind her playing the saxophone.

Go to a Jazz Club

Jazz music has to be one of the most romantic genres out there and without a doubt, the saxophone is the sexiest instrument out there. What could be better than listening to live upbeat jazz, whilst having a few drinks sat with your loved one?