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For those of you suffering from sleepless nights and hunger pangs throughout the day, have you ever wondered why? The answer is more simple than you may have first anticipated. Getting the recommended hours of sleep, staying active and eating the right things are well-known behaviours to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – but, how do… Read More

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of life’s great pleasures, and relaxing after a hard days work often requires some comfy clothes to slip into. But which material do you choose? Satin or silk? This is a question that we’re are often asked, and unless you’re a textile aficionado, you won’t be able to… Read More

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We all fall onto the beauty bandwagon by indulging in the latest beauty creams and treatments. They all promise to give us healthier looking skin and banish those signs of ageing. But do they really work? The beauty industry is making millions with their  ‘miracle’ products but do you think they are working for you?… Read More

Silk is one of the world’s most natural fibres, meaning that it’s essential to research its best care methods to expand its lifespan. You are probably wondering whether you are supposed to iron silk. The answer is yes, however you need to make sure that it’s done with extra care as the delicate, natural material… Read More

Noticing a stain on your beloved silk garment or bedding can leave you with that heart-wrenching feeling but there’s no need to panic – we have the best tricks of the trade to remove them in no time! Depending on the type of stain, there are several ways to get it looking brand new in… Read More


Over its 3000-year history, silk has held on to its title of being the finest material in the world, thanks to its natural fibres and production methods. However, you are probably looking for some clarification on how Mulberry silk differs from other types of the material as it is the most natural material known to… Read More

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Are you ready to invest in some new bedding but are weighing up the pros and cons between silk and cotton? There are advantages to both materials. However, their properties couldn’t be any more different. So, Jasmine Silk are here to help you compare both to allow you to choose wisely. After all, you will… Read More

Are you looking for a gift for your 12th wedding anniversary? Over the years you’ve no doubt showered your other half with gifts. You’ll have celebrated romantic getaways and candle-lit dinners. But, if you’re looking to surprise them with a more traditional gift, silk is this year’s answer. The tradition of giving specific gifts on… Read More

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When shopping for various garments, you may have come across the term Oeko Tex, or the Standard 100 Oeko Tex. It is used throughout the Jasmine Silk website because we are proud that all of our silk products are Standard 100 Oeko Tex certified. But what exactly does that mean? For those of you who… Read More


There are endless benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, not only does it give the illusion that you’re sleeping on a soft cloud that feels like pure luxury but it has multiple health benefits for your hair and skin. At Jasmine Silk, we love how pure our silk is and we want you to see… Read More