Silk sleeping caps were somewhat of a trend last year, with women all over the world preaching their benefits over social media. Given how effortless they make hair maintenance, it is unsurprising that the advantages of silk caps swept the internet and are changing the sleep game. While the initial hype may have now calmed down, one thing is for sure, healthy hair will never go out of style! 

So, here are the top 4 benefits of silk sleep caps that are sure to leave you with a set of locks to envy.

Hairstyle Maintenance

In a time when it is not uncommon to spend a significant amount of money on getting your hair professionally styled, the least you can do is maintain it for as long as possible. Sleeping with your perfectly styled tresses in a silk cap will keep them protected from tangles and damage all night long.

pink silk sleep cap
Jasmine Silk Pure Silk Sleep Cap

New Hair Growth

If you are having trouble growing your hair, you might not have to look much further than your pillow. Tossing and turning on a cotton pillowcase is a recipe for hair and cuticle damage. While one way to combat this is to choose a silk pillowcase, wearing a silk cap to bed at night prevents any abrasion. It also helps to keep your precious locks nourished and moisturised to promote healthy growth.

A silk cap or bandana can also be a saviour for those suffering with hair loss or recovering from chemotherapy treatment. It will keep your head warm as well as ensuring your new growing hair is in the best condition.

Fight the Frizz

Is frizz your morning nemesis?  Wearing a sleep cap will stop hair rubbing against the pillowcase and prevents curls from becoming messy and tangled. Silk also has smoothing properties which is advantageous to hair which is naturally curly or prone to frizz, by keeping it moisturised and soft.

Not only does this cut time off your daily morning routine, but it gives you extra time for that well-deserved sleep in.


The protective benefits of a silk sleep cap goes beyond keeping your hair in luscious condition. Our hair produces natural oils which when coming into contact with skin, can be irritable and clog pores. At night, these oils transfer onto your pillow which can cause breakouts or blemishes (You’ll notice these most often on the side of your face that you sleep on.)

Sleeping with your hair in a silk sleep cap prevents these oils from transferring onto your pillow and protects your face from pesky breakouts.If you are going to be wearing a sleep cap every night, it’s important to remember to wash your cap on a regular basis. The Jasmine Silk range of silk sleeping caps can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

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