Colder weather and darker nights might put you off going for a jog, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your fitness goals. It is no secret that regular exercise can improve your mood, confidence and even your sleep. So, as easy (and tempting) as it can be to slip out of exercise habits, we’ve put together a list of our favourite indoor workout routines to keep you feeling healthy and happy all year round. 

Before you start, always remember to keep your hair tied or pushed back off your face. Why not take a look at a silk hairband or hair scrunchie to keep your hair and skin protected during your workout. 


Whether you’re a newbie to exercise or just looking for something different, yoga is a great low-impact sport to try out. The perks of yoga don’t just end at helping you get fit and flexible. It is also renowned for helping to improve concentration, reduce stress and decrease cholesterol. 

If you can’t find a local class or are feeling anxious about being in a large group, there are hundreds of online videos to follow which are targeted to ‘yogis’ of all abilities.

Young women doing yoga in gym

Zumba & Clubbercise

Classes like Zumba and Clubbercise have risen in popularity over the past few years and have attracted women of all ages. What people don’t realise is that you don’t need rhythm to take part in Zumba.

The key aim of these classes is to get moving and to have fun whilst getting fit. One of the perks of Zumba and Clubbercise is how simple it is to get started. Most classes invite people to just turn up and all you need is a pair of trainers and some comfy workout clothes.

group of people dancing together in the gym


Right, stay with me on this one… While the idea of a spin class can strike fear into the hearts of thousands of exercise novices, everyone needs to try it at least once. The true power of spinning lies in the control you have over the intensity or difficulty of your workout.

A common misconception about spinning is that each class is the same and that it can become quite monotonous. However, each class presents a different challenge. Some days, there will be a programme with lots of hills and others, there could be more sprints.

Group of people at a spin class


On colder nights, it can be difficult to even leave the house to attend your favourite fitness class. If that sounds familiar, it could be time to try a home workout. Here are 3 simple exercises to try when you’re lacking that extra motivation:

Stair Runs

Simply sprint to the top of your stairs and walk or jog back down. If you’re after a light workout, repeat this for 5 sets. For those wanting to break more of a sweat, aim for 10 sets. Stair runs are ideal to build up your stamina and they make walking up hills easier!

Wall Sit

Stand against a wall with your knees bent and slide your back down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Start off holding the position for 15 seconds and work up to a minute. This is a great exercise to do while you wait for your tea to brew. 

Hula Hoop

Guilty of watching too much Netflix on the sofa? Buy yourself a weighted hula hoop and use it during an episode of your favourite show. Just 30 minutes of hula hooping can burn over 150 calories.

Post Workout

Don’t forget to cool down properly after a workout. Even if you’ve done a light workout, taking proper care of yourself will help to avoid muscle soreness and that dreaded ‘second-day burn’. 

First, drink plenty of water. If you’ve been sweating, it’s important to rehydrate your body and skin.

Next, have a soak in a warm (not hot) bath. This helps to relax your muscles and decrease inflammation.

Lastly, give your skin a treat. Hydration is important to keep your skin clear and healthy, especially if you workout often. Try the Jasmine Silk Beauty Cocoons to gently clean and exfoliate your face of excess sweat.

Jasmine Silk beauty cocoons
Jasmine Silk Beauty Cocoons

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