Are you looking for a gift for your 12th wedding anniversary? Over the years you’ve no doubt showered your other half with gifts. You’ll have celebrated romantic getaways and candle-lit dinners. But, if you’re looking to surprise them with a more traditional gift, silk is this year’s answer. The tradition of giving specific gifts on… Read More

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When shopping for various garments, you may have come across the term Oeko Tex, or the Standard 100 Oeko Tex. It is used throughout the Jasmine Silk website because we are proud that all of our silk products are Standard 100 Oeko Tex certified. But what exactly does that mean? For those of you who… Read More


There are endless benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, not only does it give the illusion that you’re sleeping on a soft cloud that feels like pure luxury but it has multiple health benefits for your hair and skin. At Jasmine Silk, we love how pure our silk is and we want you to see… Read More

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Do you know the benefits of silk? There are several ways that silk can benefit you, it can change your life for the better in more ways than one. Sleeping on Silk Silk bedding allows you to have a perfect night sleep. The soft texture of silk leaves helps your body to relax creating a calm… Read More

Since it’s discovery, silk has been one of the most sought-after and luxury fabrics you can get your hands on. Its popularity comes as no surprise given its many natural properties and benefits. But, as its people’s desire for silk has grown, so has the amount of fake silk on the market. Made from the… Read More

Pure Silk Bedding from Jasmin Silk

Are you forever wishing for a better night’s sleep? Is the thought of another sleepless night always on your mind?  We think we might have the perfect remedy to help you sleep better at night. Although, it might have been staring you in the face for a long time. We want to give you the… Read More


Silk is one of the worlds most natural proteins that gets woven into textiles. It’s natural production methods means that there is nothing of its kind available. You have probably heard of the different types of silk such as charmeuse, chiffon, mulberry, tassar and mugga. So, what is the difference between them? At Jasmine Silk,… Read More


One of the main questions that we get asked is how is silk made and where does it come from? The sheer purity of silk means that its production methods go far beyond being man made in a factory. It has a really interesting history. Let’s Get Started! Silk was discovered thousands of years ago… Read More


Welcome to the Jasmine Silk blog! We are completely thrilled to introduce it to you as we are obsessed with all things silk. So, where did it all begin? Back in 1982, in the heart of the most beautiful parts of China, home to idyllic scenery, and most importantly; hundreds of thousands of silkworms. These… Read More