Summer is now in full swing, and with the sunlight flooding through the windows, you may be thinking about sprucing up your home decor. If it’s time for a fresh new look in your home, there are a few simple and easy things to do to help your home feel ready for summer. So without further ado, here are 5 simple ways you can brighten your home for summer.

Summer Textures

The warmer weather calls for light and airy textures around your home. If you have thick woollen textures in your living room or bedroom, try switching these out for something more lightweight such as cashmere or silk. You’ll also want to select neutral, light colours. You must choose something that complements your decor nicely, but will also help to lighten the room. Why not try a cashmere or silk throw draped over your living room chair? 

Changing your cushions can also have a large effect on how a room feels. Again, opt for airy textures and colours that’ll help give your room that summer feeling.

grey silk throw over armchair
Silk Shawl Throw

Bring the Outside Inside

When we say you should bring the outside inside during the summer months, we’re talking about adding plants, flowers and other tropical elements to your home. Not only are plants good for the air quality in your home, but they can also do wonders for brightening a space. 

How much room you have in your home, and how well you can look after a plant will help you determine what to get. If space and time are an issue, something simple such as a succulent will do nicely. They require very little maintenance and are usually very pretty and will fit in small spaces. If you’re the green-fingered type, you may want to opt for something larger. Inject a tropical feel by selecting something with large leaves. Plus, don’t forget a nice pot for it to go in. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to add more colour to your home this summer, there are plenty of beautiful flowers in season at this time of year. Placing a vase of flowers in a room can transform a dull space into a summery sanctuary. 

New Bedding

The perfect way to liven up your bedroom for the summer months is with some fresh new bedding. Is there a better feeling than jumping into bed with brand new sheets? Well, if you do decide to give your bed a makeover, consider a fabric that works well in the summer and will help you sleep in the hot temperatures, as well as taking your decor into consideration. 

At Jasmine Silk, we know that sleeping on silk bedding is something everyone should experience. Not only does it look stunning draped over your bed, but it is also light and airy. It has natural temperature regulating properties, keeping you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. Because of that, silk bedding is perfect all year round. Plus, you can get our high-quality silk bedding sets in a range of summery colours. 

Pink 3PCs Silk Duvet Cover Set

Display Fruit and Veg

If it’s your kitchen you’re thinking of livening up for the summer months, why not try displaying your fruits and vegetables if you don’t already? A simple fruit bowl filled with your favourite fruits can brighten up your kitchen worktops. Or, you can try adding a vegetable cart or basket, provided you’ll get it all eaten up before it spoils.

What’s more, this may even encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables. It’s a win-win for your health and for your home. 

A Coat of Paint

Taking it one step further would be to give your home a new lick of paint. Sometimes, all it takes to brighten a room is a fresh coat of paint so if this is an option for you, it’s a sure-fire way to spruce up your home this summer. Just like before, neutral colours will work well in most spaces.

If you don’t have the time to paint your walls, you could try just giving your skirting boards a fresh coat. Or, if you want to get a bit more creative, painting your furniture a new colour or adding a new painting to your wall are smaller ways which you can improve your home decor for the season. 

Try these few simple ways to breathe new life to your living room, bedroom or kitchen and make it feel ready to see you through the summer. Read more lifestyle advice on the rest of the Jasmine Silk blog. Or, to learn more about the products we offer, head over to our website