By now, you will be learning the ins and outs of using silk for skincare. Skin can receive wondrous benefits when not only sleeping on silk, but also incorporating silk in beauty routines. Jasmine Silk provides many silk accessories that are perfect for skincare and maintaining that youthful glow. Silk Beauty Cocoons Silk beauty cocoons… Read More

When looking to make a luxury purchase, like that of buying a silk duvet for example, it is a good idea to educate yourself on the product first and learn what it is actually made out of. Believe it or not, silk is not always of the premium quality you assume it to be, but… Read More

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When laying down to go to sleep after a hard day, you want to spend the least amount of time tossing and turning and just fall asleep instantly. But that’s not always how it goes… Lack of sleep can lead to a lot of physical problems, which includes (but not restricted to) the likes of… Read More

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When it comes to maintaining a youthful glow, creams, serums and other applicable products sometimes aren’t enough. The benefits of a silk pillowcase are so easily overlooked; one of them being the anti-ageing properties they can have. Below, we have all of the best anti-ageing bonuses that come with sleeping on silk. 1. Wrinkle Prevention… Read More

Silk pillowcases from Jasmine Silk are great for your hair, skin and sleep

When settling down to go to sleep, buying a silk pillowcase may be the best investment you ever make. There are many properties of silk, unknown to the masses, that are highly beneficial to health care, cleanliness and hair care. If you’re interested in buying a silk pillowcase and are unaware of what you have… Read More

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of life’s great pleasures, and relaxing after a hard days work often requires some comfy clothes to slip into. But which material do you choose? Satin or silk? This is a question that we’re are often asked, and unless you’re a textile aficionado, you won’t be able to… Read More


Over its 3000-year history, silk has held on to its title of being the finest material in the world, thanks to its natural fibres and production methods. However, you are probably looking for some clarification on how Mulberry silk differs from other types of the material as it is the most natural material known to… Read More

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When shopping for various garments, you may have come across the term Oeko Tex, or the Standard 100 Oeko Tex. It is used throughout the Jasmine Silk website because we are proud that all of our silk products are Standard 100 Oeko Tex certified. But what exactly does that mean? For those of you who… Read More

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Do you know the benefits of silk? There are several ways that silk can benefit you, it can change your life for the better in more ways than one. Sleeping on Silk Silk bedding allows you to have a perfect night sleep. The soft texture of silk leaves helps your body to relax creating a calm… Read More


Silk is one of the worlds most natural proteins that gets woven into textiles. It’s natural production methods means that there is nothing of its kind available. You have probably heard of the different types of silk such as charmeuse, chiffon, mulberry, tassar and mugga. So, what is the difference between them? At Jasmine Silk,… Read More