It’s a beauty question that has been asked countless times. Are silk pillowcases good for curly hair? It’s an important question too, since taking care of curly hair can sometimes feel like a full-time job and with silk being more expensive than cotton. Also, first appearances tell us that silk pillowcases are a luxurious indulgence, rather than a practical solution to anything.


Well, amongst the rumours that silk pillowcases can do wonders for curly hair, Jasmine Silk is going to explain why and how they are beneficial. So, buckle up and read on to find out how the fabric you sleep on can make more of a difference than your usual curly hair products.


Caring for Curly Hair


It’s no secret that taking care of curly hair is usually more difficult than other hair types. This is mainly because curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair because it’s harder for the natural oils to reach the bottom ends. So, dryness, tangles and frizz are some of the most common issues for those with curls.


These issues usually worsen during the night, particularly if you toss and turn a lot. If you have curly hair, waking up with a bedhead is probably something you are used to. But, did you ever think that it may be a result of the fabric of your pillowcase?


How Your Pillowcase Affects Your Hair


One of the most common fabrics for a pillowcase is cotton. Cotton is extremely absorbent, which is why the fabric is often used for things like tea towels. But what does this have to do with your hair? Well, it was mentioned earlier that throughout the night, your scalp produces natural oils. So, if you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, it can actually absorb too much of your natural oils, leaving your hair dry by the morning.


Cotton and other synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester can also pull and tug at your hair during the night. The friction produced can cause snagging, breaking and might exacerbate frizz. This can cause issues for straight hair, so it can really wreak havoc on your curls. Your pillowcase can also affect your hair if it produces static, which can be common with materials like satin.


pink silk bedding

Pink 4PCs Silk Duvet Cover Set


Benefits of Silk Pillowcases


There are clearly many ways that the pillowcase you are sleeping on can affect your hair and if you have been blessed with luscious curls, you really do have to work at it. But what exactly is it about silk that works for curly hair, allowing you to wake up to a good hair day, every time?


Amazingly Soft


Silk is a natural fabric, made with extremely fine fibres produced by the silkworm. It is woven tightly together, creating a fabric that is amazingly soft to touch. Its softness means that it is extremely delicate on your hair. Your hair gently glides across the fabric with no tugging and no breakage. This silk property can also do wonders for your skin, which is why you can get silk beauty cocoons, to cleanse and gently exfoliate with.


Retains Moisture


Unlike fabrics like cotton, silk pillowcases can help your hair retain moisture throughout the night. This will help to reduce frizz and dryness, which is particularly important for those with curly hair. In addition to the fact that it is very soft, silk can also help to preserve a hairstyle. So, if you have a fancy hairdo that you’re trying to maintain, a silk pillowcase can help you.




Silk pillowcases are a bit pricier than your average pillowcase, which can be off-putting for some people. But, when you think about the amount you spend on hair products for your curls, investing in a silk pillowcase can actually save you money.


Ivory Silk Pillowcase with Cotton Underside


Other Benefits


Silk can do an awful lot more than take care of your hair. So, if you’re still undecided about whether a silk pillowcase is for you, here are some other ways that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help you.




Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. So, if you have sensitive or irritated skin on your face or your scalp, silk will not irritate it. To give you an idea of how gentle it is, the fabric is sometimes used by those with more serious skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. It is also used often for baby blankets, to protect their delicate skin.


Easy to Care for


At Jasmine Silk, our silk pillowcases are machine washable at 30 degrees. This means that you don’t have to worry about your silk pillowcase being high maintenance. Keeping your silk pillowcase fresh and clean is simple and easy.


Temperature Regulating


Another one of the natural properties of silk is that it regulates your body temperature. Although silk may seem cool to the touch, it actually keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. Body temperature is a major contributor to how well you sleep, so this feature means that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can even help you sleep better.


ivory oxford pillowcase

Ivory Oxford Silk Pillowcase


Choosing the Right Silk Pillowcase


Jasmine Silk has a variety of silk pillowcases that will not only do wonders for curly hair but will also look beautiful in your bedroom.


Find a range of colours and styles in our collection which includes silk pillowcases with high-quality, charmeuse mulberry silk. Find thread counts of 400 with a silk momme of 19. We also have a wide range of silk bedding sets for you to explore.