Silk clothing is so beautifully soft and sumptuous there’s no wonder it’s a popular choice among both men and women. By taking proper care of your silk clothing and storing it properly, the pieces you own are sure to last for years to come while also keeping their stunning looks and lovely feel. By reading Jasmine Silk’s latest blog, you’ll learn how to store silk clothing without damaging them or ruining their appeal.

First of all, how is silk clothing made?

Thousands of years ago, silk was discovered by Chinese legends. But how is silk made? Putting it simply, a bombyx mori moth would lay 300-500 eggs, which would see tiny silkworms hatch. These would start to eat mulberry leaves so that they could grow and spin cocoons. The cocoons would then be harvested and unwound before being woven together to produce a silk thread.

The fineness of the silk thread is what makes it incredibly comfortable to wear in both the summer and winter. Many popular items of silk clothing include:

Why is storage so important?

Due to its delicate material, carefully storing silk clothing is imperative. It’s an incredibly luxurious fabric that deserves the utmost care and attention. When investing in silk clothing, you want to ensure that the pieces you pick last as long as possible. And that’s why storing silk clothing is so important.

How Silk Clothing Should be Stored

As silk is a sensitive fabric, you want to make sure that silk clothing is stored in a cool, dry and dark place. If stored in an area of sunlight without any protection, the material may become discoloured and faded. You also want to make sure that it has room to breathe, so that means not covering silk clothing with a plastic bag.

What you must remember when storing silk clothing:

  • Place silk clothing in a dry/dark closet or wardrobe
  • Do not cover silk clothing in plastic

By simply following these handy tips, your items of silk clothing will retain their beautiful looks and sumptuous feel. This will provide you with nothing but luxury and comfort for years to come. For more silk clothing care tips and advice, read our blog post on how to wash and dry silk properly.