Preparing for a newborn arrival can be extremely exciting for both experienced and first time parents. When it comes to choosing all the best products for your newborn, you want to ensure both ultimate comfort and softness with your choice of blankets as well as providing them with a natural, hypoallergenic sleeping arrangement. Along with looking great, Jasmine Silk’s silk baby blankets are the perfect choice for your little one due to their many beneficial qualities that we list below.

Silk hydrates your babies skin

Newborn baby’s skin is known for its softness due to its richness in moisture and velvety texture. But as babies grow and explore touch and experience friction against their skin, it can become vulnerable to common issues such as eczema, dryness and cradle cap. Silk is the perfect remedy to help with these conditions. 

Babies can lose moisture easily over time, and eczema can be a result of the skin not being able to fend off environmental irritants and allergies. Ensuring your babies skin stays hydrated can be easily done with silk sheets and blankets and control any eczema or dry skin. This can be difficult with sheets such as cotton, as this material is more known for its absorbency. This can pull away important moisture from the skin which can further encourage eczema and dryness. Silk contains essential amino acids and is protein fibre based, reverses this and helps the skin maintain any moisture and can assist in reducing any irritation on the skin. 

Silk regulates your babies temperature

Although every parent knows they are bound to be up half the night with a newborn, it is always important to ensure they have everything they need to try and get a good night’s sleep, even if they are waking up every hour or so.

Silk sheets and blankets are not only soft and comfortable, but help regulate body temperature so that when your baby is finally asleep, they are comfortable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As mentioned before, silk draws away any moisture from the body so your baby will stay dry the whole night through. 

Silk is gentle on your babies hair

Newborns can be born with hair, bald or with very little that can fall out before they regrow as they get older. Many have a distinct bald patch on the back of their head which can be a result of friction against sheets, car seats or mattresses. 

Blankets made out of cotton can contribute to this issue as the fibres can tug on the baby’s hair causing the delicate strands to break or fall out, resulting in the bald patch. Silk however, allows your baby’s hair to slide across the surface of the silk blanket and glide friction-free with no rubbing, tugging or tearing of the fragile hair.