So, there has been an ongoing debate now for some time as to whether you should use a flat sheet, what the purpose of it is and whether it will make a difference to the way you sleep. Here at Jasmine Silk, we thoroughly feel like it comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer the extra sheet to keep you snug, or would you get in a tangle whilst sleeping? So, here is the low-down on all things flat sheet related.

How is a Flat Sheet Used? 

The flat sheet, also called a top sheet, was originally placed between the sleeping person and their blanket.  Now that many people use a duvet cover, they are just usually used to make your bed look more welcoming. Think of it as an extra layer that can keep you warm and help you fall asleep easier. Additionally to this, it also helps to prevent the duvet from getting dirty, due to sweat or oil that is exceeded during the night. On warmer nights it could also be used on its own, instead of using the duvet at the same time, which would be much cooler. 

A silk flat sheet will keep you nice and cool during the summer months, but warm and cosy during the winter months. Another great plus of this wonderful sheet is that you don’t need an exact size for one. They can be draped over the sides of the bed, just make sure that it’s big enough for your bed!

When a flat sheet is used, it also means that your duvets don’t need to be used as often. This sheet will be in contact with your skin the most, so you’ll only need to wash it as much as you wash your pillowcases. That’s a pretty big timesaver.

A second use for this form of sheet would also be to use it over the top of your mattress. You don’t have to use both a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. Just make sure that when using the flat sheet over the top of the mattress, it is big enough so that the corners can be tucked in.

Bedroom setting with luxury pillows, shams and duvets. Sheet draped over the edge of the bed.

How to Choose a Flat Sheet

A material such as silk is essential for comfort, as that is what comes into contact with your skin. Silk is lightweight and perfect for those with sensitive or irritated skin.

A third important factor to consider when choosing a sheet would be colour. You want your flat sheet to match the rest of your bed linen. Colours such as white and cream go well with just about any colour, however, here at Jasmine Silk, we have a range of different coloured flat sheets. This helps you make things a little exciting, as your bedroom should pop. The range of colours currently available are; Ivory, Taupe, Grey, Black, Duck Egg, Pink and Mocha.

To read the difference between fitted sheets and flat sheets,  visit our friends over at TheSleepJudge.

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