Do you know the benefits of silk? There are several ways that silk can benefit you, it can change your life for the better in more ways than one.

Sleeping on Silk

Silk bedding allows you to have a perfect night sleep. The soft texture of silk leaves helps your body to relax creating a calm ambience, that leaves you feeling refreshed time after time.


Silk is beauty’s secret remedy. You don’t need to fork out for expensive face creams to achieve glowing skin and appearance. By investing in silk, miracle creams will be a thing of the past. Silk’s smooth, tightly woven fibres help to lock in moisture close to your skin, helping it to stay hydrated and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Alongside your skin, you will also see the benefit silk has on your hair, giving you that ‘silky smooth’ look you have always dreamed off. Gone are the days of sleeping on cotton which makes your hair static and tangled. Sleeping on silk keeps your hair soft and moisturised, reducing the appearance of frizz.


Do you suffer from allergies or itchy skin? Are you forever trying to find a remedy to relieve your symptoms?  Silk is a natural fibre that has hypoallergenic properties which helps to deter dust mites which can often trigger allergic reactions.

Jasmine Silk High Quality Silk Bedding

Rest well with high-quality Silk Bedding

It also works to prevent irritation as silk helps to retain your skin’s natural moisture, whilst feeling soft and nonabrasive.

Studies have found that silk can help to ease aches and pains, and can work to help the flow of blood circulation and digestion. Some people even claim that helps to ease aches and pains, and may aid blood circulation and digestion whilst sleeping.

Regulates Your Body Temperature

During the night you can become hot, uncomfortable and restless. Silk helps to regulate your body’s temperature as it’s breathable and airy. It works to allow heat to escape through its grid-like design, preventing your body from overheating when you sleep. Silk is adaptable to all climates making it suitable for all seasons. It offers a cooling comfort during hot weather and preserves heat during the winter, what more could you ask for from your silk bedding?

Long Lasting

Not only is silk long lasting but it drapes beautifully and feels luxuriously soft wash after wash. Mulberry Silk duvets will last up to 20 years. As a natural material, its properties help to repel dirt, odours and dust mites. The long mulberry threads create a fabric that is very durable and can withstand the test of time.

The benefits of silk are endless and we want to show you how silk can really make a difference to your life. We’ve created a brief slideshow that goes into detail on the subject, and we’d love for you to see it! Just click the option below to start your journey or visit the Jasmine Silk site now.