We still have our fingers crossed for a white Christmas here at Jasmine Silk, with less than a week to go! Although we’re hoping for snow, fending the cold off from your neck can be difficult, the solution… a warm winter scarf.

Many people don’t consider a scarf in the winter and instead will result to zipping their coats or jackets up to the highest point they will go, attempting to cover their neck and bury their chin, however, it never quite seems to do the job and how do you know which scarf to buy?

Well, to help you fight the cold and keep yourself bundled up and warm, we will go through the best materials and designs to help you make the best decision when picking your own.

Winter Scarves for Warmth

If your goal is purely keeping yourself warm this festive season, then fabrics such as fleece, blends and soft wool, like cashmere are your best bet. These types of scarves are thin but super comfortable around your neck.

Wool scarves are the more traditional type of scarf, however, they can be very thick and also itchy when around your neck. The upside though, is you can guarantee they will keep you warm.

On the other hand, fabrics such as velvet, chenille and the new acrylic and polyester blended yarns are less itchy when around your neck and will still provide you with that added warmth, but not too much.

When choosing scarves for the warmth, look to add bulk and dress according to how the weather is that day and what works best for you.

Women with a hot drink and winter clothes on. Hat, scarf and gloves.

Buying a Winter Scarf

When buying yourself a winter scarf, you’ll want to consider certain factors such as;

  • Do you want it to match a coat or jacket?
  • How warm do you want the scarf to be?
  • How many times do you want to wrap it around your neck?
  • How long do you want it to last?
  • What is your budget?

Scarves for Style

Handmade scarves made with fun yarns can accentuate your outfit and add some flair to your coats and jackets. The new acrylic yarns come in different colours and textures, with materials such as ribbon and fabric wisps that help you make a statement with your winter outfit.

Winter silk scarves and poly-blend scarves are usually patterned with bold colours, which can really pop and outfit when worn. They generally come in square or rectangular variations and can also come in different sizes and lengths. The smooth fabric is great if you’re wanting something soft on the skin, whilst still protecting your neck from the cold and snow.

Dog in the winter with a hat, scarf and coat on.

To Conclude

Looking at everything that we’ve been through in this blog, the best material for a winter scarf really depends on your requirements, as well as your individual taste. You may find that you like the colour of a scarf, but can’t find a material that does it in that colour or vice versa. It’s about finding a happy medium and one that suits what you’re looking for. We hope you find one this festive season and that we’ve given you all the tools you’ll need to eventually pick one.