Silk pyjamas have become increasingly popular over the years since their creation long ago in the 1890s. Only within the last century has it become more acceptable for women to wear pyjamas, compared to the more “feminine” garments used in the past. Silk pyjamas are non-polluting and green products, boasting environmental benefits as well as personal health and well-being boosting attributes.

Silk Against the Skin

Being a hypoallergenic fabric, silk pyjamas resist allergens such as mould and fungus to an extent that its cotton and flannel competitors cannot. This also means that any skin irritation from clothing is diminished when wearing silk, and in turn, can even give it the essence of a healthy glow. The fibres in the material itself are incredibly moisturising to the skin as opposed to other popular fabrics such as cotton. Discomfort from fabrics such as cotton can be caused by the fabric being too hot in the summer, and not warming enough in the winter. 

Silk on the other hand is the perfect fabric to balance keeping cool during the summer months, and warm during the winter months. Silk is also good for preventing the effects of ageing. As silk doesn’t absorb moisture, it reduces friction between your skin and the bed, therefore causing fewer creases to appear on your skin after sleep than there would be if you sleep in cotton or flannel pyjamas.   

Moisture Absorption

Known as the ‘fibre queen’ silk pyjamas really start to feel like a second skin from the minute you step into them. From the soft, smooth feeling, the fabric gives the body the best care and enjoyment out of the garments. With fibres within the fabric containing a hydrophilic side chain amino acid, they absorb any excess moisture from the body during the night and release it into the air. Whilst the fabric is breathable thanks to the silk creating air pockets, it does contain certain amounts of moisture in order for the skin to stay hydrated and moisturised throughout the night. This absorb-and-release method also works during the summer months, in order for the body to stay cool in hot temperatures. 

Sleep Benefits

Being such a  luxurious fabric, silk pyjamas are known to help with problems during sleep by ensuring your comfort all night long. The protein in the fabric combines 18 kinds of natural amino acids that are rightfully named ‘the sleep factor.’ These have functions that help with the calming of nerves which in turn can diminish fatigue, whilst improving both sleep quality and sleep depth. This then enables you to go about a full day without feeling tired or sleep-deprived in any way. 

Allergy Alleviation

Silk is the perfect choice if you are prone to skin-based allergies. The natural properties of silk include antibacterial, anti-mildew and mite resistance. The Sericin, which is a protein created by the Bombyx Mori in the production of silk, is what prevents any form of bacteria or mites from developing. Our silk pyjamas are always made from 100% natural super grade silk, which boasts strict hygiene and health benefits that prevent any allergic reactions on the skin forming, as well as stopping any skin irritation you may experience from moving around a lot in your sleep. No harmful or harsh chemicals are used within the production of the silk, therefore, there are no harmful health risks to the human skin once the silk pyjamas are created.


Another fantastic quality of silk that makes it stand out from its competitors, such as cotton and flannel, is its fire-retardant properties. This makes it the ideal choice if you are looking for a fabric that is not only comfortable but safe and practical too. Many experts actually recommend silk pyjamas and sheets for babies and children, due to the safety properties of the fabric. Instead of melting when coming into contact with fire, as the usual cotton and flannel pyjamas would do, silk simply burns straight to ash. This makes it the safer option of the fabrics as it will not stick to the skin in contact with extreme heat.

Jasmine Silk offers not only the most dreamy of silk nightwear, but also provides you with all the tips and tricks when it comes to silk maintenance. You can find these articles with all the information you could need in our ‘How-to’ section right here.