Welcome to our product feature series! This week, we’re focusing on a core item in our range, the ever-popular silk pillowcase. As well as a premium look and feel, silk provides other benefits too, especially when it’s used as bedding for a good night’s sleep. This short and sweet article should sum up why silk pillowcases should be next on your bedroom buying list.

Silk Pillowcase Facts

Silk pillowcases are regularly boasted about on the internet, but why do people swear that they’re something special? What makes a silk pillowcase better than your ordinary, run of the mill option?

Skincare Benefits

Sleeping soundly has multiple benefits for the mind and body. It’s scientifically proven that a good night’s slumber improves mood, reduces stress and helps your body fight back against infections. But have you ever considered the material that you sleep on? Silk has a multitude of skincare benefits, which further improves the boost that you get from sleeping soundly.

Compared to other materials, silk helps your skin remain hydrated. You might not have to spend as much on moisturizing creams as a result! Cotton absorbs moisture from your face, whereas silk takes less moisture, reducing the risk of breakouts or irritation while sleeping. Ultimately you should remove any products you use on your face before bed, but silk will help to avoid skincare nightmares.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

This term is thrown about a lot, but what does it actually mean? If something is hypoallergenic, it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that it has this property without being edited during the manufacturing process. It’s also naturally resistant to dust mites and fungus too. If allergies constantly get the better of you during the night, you should try a silk pillowcase.

Suitable for All Seasons

Whether you’re snoozing in the summer or getting cosy in the winter, silk is perfect for all seasons. Even though it’s seen as a thinner fabric, silk helps retain warmth while still being breathable. This ensures that you don’t become too warm in the summer, while still providing all the comfort you need in the winter. A complete silk bedding set makes all the difference.

In terms of pillowcases, these properties ensure that you don’t sweat as much throughout the night, providing the previously mentioned skincare benefits.

Why Should You Buy One?

So you’ve read the facts, but ultimately, why should you buy one? (Or two, or even four!) An investment into a good night’s sleep makes all the difference.

Embrace Luxury

You’d treat yourself to a day at the spa, but what if we told you that a silk pillowcase provides a spa-like feeling every night? Silk has historically been the embodiment of luxury and rightfully so. The feeling of a soft silk pillowcase on your skin is unparalleled, so you won’t want to go back to the standard set once you’ve tried it.

Value for Money

Silk is an investment, with critics regularly highlighting the cost of silk over other cheaper alternatives. You can experience a silk pillowcase from Jasmine Silk from just £15, and for that, you get skincare and hair benefits, a boost to your sleep schedule and material that is known for its luxury and comfort. What’s not to love?

Shop the Range

We have several delightful options available at Jasmine Silk, with a varying array of colours and styles available. Check out the range here.

Silk Pillowcase Care Tips

You’ll be surprised to know that our silk pillowcases are very easy to care for! It’s another benefit of using silk over other materials. You should follow our brief washing guide below if you need guidance. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Washing Guide

  • All of our pillowcases are machine washable at 30 degrees.
  • You can also tumble dry them, but make sure you do it at a low temperature.
  • When ironing, make sure you use a cool temperature and iron inside out.
  • That’s all there is to it! All Jasmine Silk Pillowcases are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, proving their credibility.