When it comes to designing your bedroom, silk can be a beautiful addition to accentuate your home interior. Whether it be silk bedding or just accent satin-silk cushions, your home deserves that touch of luxury.

What Silk Items to Use

Pieces like that of cushions and pillows especially are almost guaranteed to be the perfect way to incorporate silk subtly but effectively.

For a more adventurous approach, silk can be used for bedding. It can also work in a way to give your room a glow, but also to help you sleep better. For more information about the benefits of sleeping on silk, please read “Why Choose Silk Pillowcases”.

using silk in interior design

Add that touch of class to your home with a silk finish

Jasmine Silk has a variety of silk pillowcases available for purchasing, that can be the perfect addition to your bedroom or guestroom. Available in all your favourite neutrals like ivory, grey, taupe, mocha and black, plus a few bolder shades to add a pop of colour. Cushions can also be found in the accessories department, that can be used as the cherry on the cake when decorating.

For the most comfortable and cosy sleep, silk bedsheets and duvets are an excellent option as it offers you that smooth layer on top of your bed. Better still, if you’re feeling a little hot in the summer, silk sheets will cool you down. They look luxurious, almost giving off a royal look, and when teamed with silk pillowcases, they can switch up your interior for the better.

Likewise, you could also opt for silk blankets to drape over those intricate pieces of furnishings that aren’t to be touched but to be looked at from afar. Little touches of silk items here and there make for a lovely setting in any space, be it a small room or a bright, open space, the opportunities to add luxury and regalness to a room with silk are limitless.

Ever wanted to experience how the rich live and how their living spaces look so fabulous? It might just be time to snap up a rug to complement the look of the room. A silk base is both classy and gives off a very regal look to the interior of any space. Persian rugs tend to be the best options as they are traditionally made from silk. But be sure not to put your shoes on it as silk fabric is quite intricate and can weaken quite quickly.

Silk interior design is a great option for anyone looking to emanate a very classy feel to their interior. Items like silk curtains and drapes are also a good alternative to cotton or velvet curtains as they can totally complete the look of the room, making it feel luxurious and effortlessly tamed and tidy.

How Not to Use Silk

Combining fabrics in interior design can be quite the ordeal. Don’t mix these fabrics, don’t layer those; there are a lot of decorating rules that should be followed in order to achieve a cohesive decor. When partnered with cotton, satin, velvet and other light materials, silk works most effectively without clashing.

Silk shouldn’t necessarily be the focal point of your room, but rather a complementary addition to the rest of your interior. Using silk accents in moderation is the way to go and Jasmine Silk has the exact products that are key to striking a balance

So, now that you know how silk can be co-ordinated within your interiors, why not take a look at our products to see how you can switch up your living space? Co-ordinate with some silk bedding and you are guaranteed to capture the essence of glamour with Jasmine Silk.