You may have heard the term ‘Charmeuse Silk’, but do you actually know what it means? In this blog we’re going to cover the basics, namely what it is and the advantages and disadvantages of it.

What Is Charmeuse Silk? 

Unlike Mulberry, Charmeuse silk actually refers to the threads that have been created by the silkworm and the way they are woven together. This form of silk is often the chosen weave for silk bedding as it provides a certain satin finish on the surface with a dull back. These properties, therefore, make it a great choice for pillowcases and duvets. The reflectiveness and smooth surface will be on the outside, which is generally what is attractive and appealing to customers, whereas the matte finish is hidden on the inside. 


  • Leaves a beautiful satin finish and looks very luxurious
  • It is very lightweight and smooth to touch
  • It is very skin and hair-friendly
  • This silk is a superb insulator that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer


  • Can be fairly expensive due to its superb quality
  • Requires high-quality care

There you have it, short and sweet this week! Hopefully, it helped you understand exactly what Charmeuse silk is and got straight to the point. If you need any other tips or guides on silk, check out our official blog.