Best Fabrics for Workout Clothes

It’s coming towards the end of January already. Some consider this another year in itself. Have you stuck to your new year’s resolution so far? Maybe it was to get yourself in shape and start a new workout routine. If so, you’ll want to know the best materials for the clothes you wear.

Cute leggings and nice cut shorts can look amazing at first glance. However, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of working out, how are they going to feel on you? You want to be looking at certain fabrics that help remove sweat from your body whilst you workout, instead of ones that hold in moisture and then cause you to feel super gross. Buying workout clothes at a cheap price may make you think you’ve struck gold. However, you may have to think again, as it won’t do much for your body. 

Cotton, Cotton, Cotton

Cotton is one of the best fabrics when taking part in low-intensity workouts. This is because you aren’t sweating uncontrollably. It’s great for exercises such as light resistance training and slow yoga. As cotton acts almost like a sponge, it is therefore bad for high-intensity training. This is mainly because you will sweat quite a large amount when working out.

There is one rather large upside to cotton. It’s less likely to give off funny smells than synthetic fabrics are. Research has found that odour-causing bacteria cling to man-made materials and fibres easier than materials like cotton.

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Workout Wicking Wonder

Are you a person that likes to workout sticky free? If so these are the best fabrics and materials for you. Workout clothes that are made from the likes of nylon, spandex, bamboo and polypropylene are known for their strong ability to remove or pull moisture away from the skin so that it can be evaporated. In having this ability, it keeps your body cool, allowing for high performance in high temperatures.

As we previously mentioned smells and bacteria clinging to man-made fabrics, you might be wondering if anyone is going to want to come near you? If you’re seriously worried about that post-workout stench, you may be better off opting for higher-end workout clothes. These are made with antimicrobial technology, which use silver nanoparticles to prevent bacterial growth. You can also check out some of these tips from another blog we love on how to remove that awful smell from your workout clothes. It’s great as a rule of thumb and if you’re working out on a budget.

Outdoor Fabric

Choosing the right fabric while working out outdoors is even more crucial when you now add weather into the mix. During the winter, a great basis to start from is adding layers. Opt for a sweat-wicking base layer and then add a layer made from fleece. This will provide you with that extra bit of warmth. 

On the other hand, when summer comes around, if it ever does in the UK, moisture-wicking fabrics become even more important, as you are more likely to sweat. Sunny days come with the price of UV rays, which you’ll need to protect yourself from, so look for materials that are made with polyester, which has both sweat-wicking and UV protection properties. 

No matter what fabric you workout in though, afterwards be sure to shower and slip into our silk nightwear. You deserve to sleep in luxury after that workout. Help yourself recover fully, ready to go again. Once you sleep in silk, you’ll never go back.

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And there you have it. That’s our guide to finding the best possible workout clothes to fit your very own workout needs. Hopefully, we’ve given you all the knowledge you’ll need to be able to have a great workout without smelling too bad!

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